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Custom EVA Foam Antenna Balls/Antenna Toppers

We manufacture our own EVA Foam Antenna Balls so if you need a custom antenna topper for your advertising campaign, we are the right company to hire. We've been in business 20 years and made over 40 Million antenna balls.

If you need a 3D CUSTOM shape, the minimum order is 3,000 - 5,000 Toppers. Allow 6-8 weeks production time.

If you need a plain colored EVA foam antenna ball with your logo, the minimum order is only 100 balls. Stock foam colors for plain antenna balls include white, yellow, orange, red, green and blue.

All Inclusive One Flat Rate Pricing (No Additional Fees): 

(Shipping cost not included)

(Ball size 1.75" diameter) (1 color printed logo) (28mm x 28mm)

(100 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 599.00) 

(250 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 999.00) 

(500 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 1,750.00) 

(1000 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 2,500.00) 

(2500 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 4,950.00)  

(5000 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 7,950.00) 

(Ball size 1.75" diameter) (2-4 color logo decal) (28mm x 28mm)

(100 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 599.00) 

(250 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 999.00) 

(500 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 1,750.00) 

(1000 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 2,500.00) 

(2500 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 4,950.00)  

(5000 EVA Foam Antenna Balls, 7,950.00)

Larger quantity and discounts available. Email us: