The Happy Place to shop! Official Manufacturers of Tenna Tops®, HappyBalls® & Coolballs® Brand Antenna Toppers!

Why Buy From Tenna Tops?

We make Antenna Balls, Antenna Toppers, and Car Antenna Accessories. We've been in business 16 years and offer a 100% secure shopping experience. We manufacture our own Antenna Toppers so if you need a custom antenna topper for your advertising campaign, please contact us. We've made over 40 million of them! 
For retailers, we offer pre-packed 108 ct. and 168 ct. floor spinner displays with our full color Tenna Tops sign on top, at wholesale prices. Tenna Tops are fantastic sellers in discount, rural and small town stores of all types - especially Grocery stores, Travel centers, Hardware stores, Auto Parts stores, Drugstores, Thrift stores and more. 

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